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May 8, 2012
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TheCloverClub: Adena Reid by Pokey-Chan TheCloverClub: Adena Reid by Pokey-Chan

Trying out for TCC * V *;; 9

Name: Adena Reid

Reason for visiting: "Looking for a place to crash."

Age: 19

Height/weight: 5'9 / 155 lbs

Species: Human

Birthday: July 25th

Blood type: O


    Adena almost always has an angry complexion on her face, which only adds to her hostile personality. Anything someone does or says can tick her off! So it’s best to keep your distance away from her unless you want to start a fight…! She isn’t the type of woman to keep her mouth shut, either, when something ticks her off—rather, she’d let you know by giving you a knuckle sandwich to show you how she feels.

    She can be quite stubborn and rather tenacious when she’s focused on something (whether it be an ideal or an objective). Adena is also very simple minded, believing that you can get from point A to point B without having any problems in between! If you tell her otherwise, most of the time she’ll scoff off the suggestion given to her or push away any help that is offered.

    She hates admitting that she needs any sort of help and believes that her own abilities should be more than enough to get the job done! If she fails the first time, she might throw a tantrum here and there before trying to tackle the problem again. If it doesn’t go her way, she’ll make it go her way!

    That being said, she is rather awkward around people. Those who like to like to hug and touch make her rather uncomfortable. She’ll probably end up elbowing the person in the stomach to get out of the situation… She can’t also express herself clearly and ends up, a majority of the time, punching or kicking the person to show her affection.

    Adena is rather competitive as well… If anyone is better than her at a skill she wishes to excel, she’ll try to upstage the person one way or another…! If she loses, though, she ends up becoming the sore loser and throws any excuse out the window to prove that her lose was merely a fluke.

    Tldr; She is a very angry person who can’t socialize around people. LOL


    Adena and her family grew up in a rather poor setting; they had lived in a rather small apartment. Her family consisted of her mother, father, and her older brother. Before her mother’s death, life seemed decent. She would hardly miss school and her family’s relationship was alright! All that, though, came to an end when her mother was found beaten to death, one day, near the dumpsters that the family used to throw away their garbage.

    Her father had to take the full responsibility of caring for both their children and the apartment rent…! Unfortunately he never really had cared to begin with. Her father was an abusive, demanding man, who did nothing but bully and work both Adena and her older brother to death. His daughter would often see him go out with another woman until the late hours of the night, only to come back completely drunk, drugged, and aggressive. She feared him, even more, during this stage, for even when she finished her chores he would occasionally beat her and/or lock her in the closet. He even demanded that his own son do the beating for him…! And if defied, both of them would end up getting abused.

    Adena, at the time, was too frightened to ask for help. The thought of her father figuring out that she rat him out certainly called for an instant funeral…! So in order to hide where the true source of the wounds came from she would often go and pick fights with other rowdy children, thus creating her hostile personality. It was also a stress reliever, of some sorts, as she was able to freely throw punches around that she would have saved for her father and brother…!

    School was an issue as well—her father never bothered to send his kids to school, which rubbed off on Adena greatly. The only reason she had stayed in school for as long as she did (about the middle of highschool) was due to Nathaniel. She developed some admiration for him after seeing his sudden change in attitude…! The once quiet, meek boy was now someone who was feared and strong…! She wanted to be like that, too! And so… Adena approached him and, after some time, befriended him.

    The two of them didn't hit it off smoothly at the start--they would constantly bicker at each other over the smallest things! Eventually, though, through all their arguments the two of them managed to grow close, even to the point where the two of them 'lived' together in his apartment! She was rather clingy with him, but for good reason! Out of all the people she knew, he seemed to be the only one who cared for her (and of course his housekeeper)!

    When Nathaniel suddenly left, however, she slowly grew rather bitter about everything… It was a huge impact on her that her only friend would suddenly just get up and leave...! Not to mention that er father was still abusive and her brother was, now, nowhere to be seen. What else was there to do? Having more than enough anger bottled up, Adena, one night, snuck around her father’s room, taking the stash of money he kept underneath his mattress that he made with his shifty jobs. She packed her bag (carrying but simple necessities), wrote a letter to the kind housekeeper, and set off..! She didn’t know where she was going… She just wanted to leave.

    As Adena travelled she came across the Clover Club…! Weary of her travels she decided that she ought to stay and spend the night. Little did she know what she was getting herself into…

♥ Getting into fights | ♥ Winning | ♥ Cute things (she's still a girl..!) | ♥ Chocolate | ♥ Milk |

✗ The dark | ✗ Losing | ✗ Coming across as weak | ✗ People finding out about her secrets |

Additional information:
- She has an older brother named Kazuo (has gone missing for quite some time...)
- She's pretty strapped on cash... (Used a lot of it for the hotel, whoops)
- Her dislike of the dark comes from her father locking her up in the closet so she often leaves the light on when she sleeps
- Also has a soft spot for cute things (like the hotel slippers...!)

Prefered RP methods: Notes, MSN, or comments! * V * 9
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takarayume Jun 2, 2012  Student General Artist
oh wow she's so pretty~ ;w;
takarayume Jun 3, 2012  Student General Artist
no probbu~!
Andri-xxx May 25, 2012  Hobbyist
Jesus! Why you are so amazing ?!
I love this pic.
LOL I'm not sobbb but ty ; v ;~
Clanuu May 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I love the way you draw!! *w*
Such a nice character!! It seems she will be so fun to rp with~! Hope we can rp sometime *v*
Thank you so much ; 3 ;!
I hope we can too~! > U <
Clanuu May 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Welcome~! *w*
Do you like to rp in skype?
Ah.. I never use Skype to RP since I never really use it X'D

I do use notes / MSN / email /comments though? If that works ; 3 ;
Clanuu May 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ohh I get it :)
Well yeah we can rp in anyway you want ^^
I guess that notes or comments would be the best way *v*
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